I have had an absolutely fantastical year, full of change.  Here’s a review of the highlights:

Took on an teenager as a kind of foster parent sort of (was I nuts?)  Saw him through to successful high school graduation and on to college

Turned 50

Turned 50 while on a fabulous active tour vacation of Egypt.  Experiences:

            Hot air balloon ride

            Fell off a donkey

            Trotted on a camel


           Jeeped thru the desert

           Slept under the stars in a desert

           Climbed sand dunes and a mountain

           Found out Oasis’ are real!!

Had a first surgery and hospital stay

Had first adult outpatient procedure – the dreaded colonoscopy (the worst part was           

              ingesting the Movi-Prep)

Was downsized from my employer of 8.5 years

         First time in 35 years without a secular job.

Created multiple websites

Started a home based business

Facing future with courage (does not denote absence of fear)

Whew!!! I’m afraid next year might be the same, and afraid it may not be the same. 

I will always remember 50, and 2010!  Happy New Year to you all. 

If you are so inclined, I would love to hear your year’s review!  Click on the comment link below.

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I've been very thankful for the provisions, but my jobs haven't defined who I am, and my heart hasn't been with them. Now I have an opportunity to follow my heart, and redefine the means of making a living. MIOMOT -making it on my own terms.

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