My cell phone plan is thru Sprint; I chose the Blackberry 8330 in particular because it was sold with modem capabilities.  If I bought the internet plan (which I did), that meant I could tether the phone to my computer and link into the internet, anytime, anyplace that Sprint had service.  

Comcast internet was down in my area last week, so I tethered the Blackberry to my laptop to use it as a modem as I’ve done multiple times in the past.  This service was so very useful when I traveled to avoid hotel internet fees, and dodgy wi-fi hot spots – it made me luv  my Sprint service.   For some reason this night, the links to connect would not work.  For over an hour I tried various fixes, updated the Sprint and RIM software on my laptop, even changed those mysterious port codes deep in the sub sub-menu levels, all to no avail. 

I just got off the phone with Sprint technical – Sprint hierarchy decided to discontinue that particular modem service! Apparently is was some kind of perk as they said it was unusual that I was able to use the modem service since it wasn’t ever added to my plan.  (HUH?!@*&^?  There were no ***asterisks next to the phone description to indicate required purchase of modem plan.) I was offered an option to buy a Connection Card (which is apparently being offered now for free), and then a plan for $59.  Sprint provided no written notice of the discontinuation and I’m a little more than miffed, and betrayed.  After being rather vocal with my objections, a reduced price was offered of $39.99.  This isn’t fair and seems unethical; is this Sprint’s version of putting less cereal in the box and charging the same price?  In other words, all us ex-modem users will pay the same monthly fee for less services.  I’m not getting the service I originally paid for… oh yea, it is 2010.

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