5 Most Effective Biceps Exercises


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No matter if you are a bodybuilder or newbie to the gym, focusing on building up your bicep muscles is a must. To get on the road to having chiseled arms start doing the following 5 most effective biceps exercises.

1. Barbell Biceps Curls

For anyone looking to maximize their muscle gaining potential, use a barbell instead of two dumbbells when doing curls. Studies have found that lifting a single barbell results in more muscle mass than lifting a singer dumbbell with each arm. To perform this exercise start with your feet at hip width apart and lift the barbell all the way up to just under your chin. Focus on keeping your back as straight as possible while lifting with the arms. Performing curls at a rapid pace allows momentum rather than your muscles to do the majority of the work. The movement should be at a controlled and slow pace.

2. Incline Dumbbell Curls

Those with back injuries or who have trouble keeping their back straight while doing standing bicep curls will find this incline exercise very helpful. Not only does it provide support for the back by leaning against a padded bench, but also the exercise helps prevent the aforementioned momentum issue. Instead of using a barbell, this exercise is done with two dumbbells. Be aware that because your momentum is coming directly from your arms that the weight per dumbbell may be significantly less than the weight you can lift with a dumbbell. To perform the exercise, start by positioning the bench at an incline and alternate dumbbell curls on each arm.

3. Cable Curls

For strengthening the bicep’s deep tissue muscle fibers, try performing cable curls. As opposed to bicep barbell curls and incline dumbbell curls, this exercise requires specialized equipment that is most commonly found at gyms. Essentially, the needed equipment is a metal bar that is attached to a pulley system and weights. Select the weight you desire and lift the bar from the floor. Since there is constant tension supplied from the cable, the biceps are in constant motion and every fiber and tendon is strengthened. You can use a straight bar, rope or rotating cable handles to perform the exercise. Each different attachment highlights a slightly different area of your bicep muscle.

4. Reverse Grip Rows

For a more intense straight row, grip a barbell with your palms in a reverse grip position. Instead of your fingers facing forward, flip your hands around and grip the barbell so that your inner palms face forward. Immediately, you’ll notice a deeper sensation and pull from your bicep muscles. To perform the exercise, bend your knees slightly and lean forward while keeping your back straight. Keep your gaze facing forward and lift the barbell towards your chest. Maintain a straight back while lifting the barbell up and down until it reaches your chest.

5. Concentration Curls

For best results, perform this exercise while sitting on a bench to curb the likelihood that your momentum will hinder positive muscle growth. Unlike other exercises that even when focused on a single muscle group use muscles from other body parts, concentration curls only focus on the biceps. Consequently, when done correctly these are the perfect exercises for anyone looking to increase their bicep muscle mass.

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