Get your auto electronics repaired at Electronic Master in Duluth, save moneyI’ve been driving for two weeks with an electrical problem; my auto’s air conditioning has been stuck on full blast.  The switch for the passenger side window sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.  I have been babying the window for two years, keeping it locked in the  ‘up’ position much to the dismay of my riders.  My car is an import; an Infiniti.  While it was and is great fun to drive, until maintenance issues came up, I didn’t think about cost of repairs, or build a budget for them.  Remember the rebate check the government granted us a few years ago?  Let’s just say that whole check went from my hands to the dealer for a halogen light bulb replacement.

The LED brake light at the back window went out– $500 to replace.  The motor for the passenger window?  $300ish + labor to the tune of $570.  The a/c problem?  A bad circuit board, and oh the dealer must also replace the Bose entertainment system while they are at it, and the 2 bulbs which light the analogue clock (it hasn’t worked since 2004) for a grand total of $1600.   Together, the a/c and window motor repair cost would be $2200.   Honestly, I love my car but REALLY?  (Feel free to voice your thoughts on repair costs by clicking “comment” link below.)  A year ago I would have sighed ,and paid.  Since becoming an entrepreneur, I’ve become smarter with my dollars.  I called an alternate mechanic who advertises cheaper rates than the dealer, but verbally quoted the exact same price.  When I brought the advertisement  to his attention, he stuttered out a phone number 678.597.0686 and told me this guy sometimes does electrical work for him.

I googled the number, and found a lot of glowing reviews on Kudzu for Electronic Master in Duluth.   Sounded dodgy but I called—Mr. Nahed Abdulnabi quoted me $300 for the a/c repair.  He had already done many of the same repairs on Infiniti G35’s.  He asked if I wanted to bring it in that day; I jumped on it.  Instead of replacing the board with a new spare part board with the same problem, he repaired the board, and guaranteed the work for 12 months.

Loads of people were coming in and out of this strip mall store front; high end Lexus’, BMW’s, Highlanders.  Everyone had good reviews about Mr. Abdulnabi and his work, so I was compelled to ask about my passenger window motor.  He offered a new motor installed at $320ish. Did I want to include that?  Oh YES!! My total bill for 2 major repairs came to $525 (he knocked an additional $100 off).  You know the saying, “if it’s too good to be true…?”  In this case, it was good, and it was true!  75% savings from the dealer quote.  My heart sings!

You need to get this man on your radar for your auto electrical repairs.  Oh and btw, he also repairs TV’s (home audio and video).

Electronic Master Repairs
2131 Pleasant Hill Rd # 135
Duluth, Georgia 30096-2303
Contact: Nahed Abdulnabi





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