aStore Trumps Sidebar


I’m an exhausted noob.  Why wasn’t I happy with semi-happy with layout of ? (Refer to previous post.)    I realized the search box on the aStore was cut off …since this store is essentially a picture or image of displays on the actual site, it cannot be searched with the website search box.  I’ve also learned that store products cannot be searched since the products are essentially visual replications of  items stored on Amazon’s server.  What?*% !     Anyway I played around with the editor script and margins to increase the space the image required.  I finally stumbled on 800px so the store, search box and widgets on the right side are complete, however the sidebar has now been pushed down to the bottom of the page,  grrr.  I’ve been searching  WordPress forums and HELP documentation for two days with no sucess.  I posted a query today so hopefully some empathetic coder will snatch on to my query and provide some help. 

The Google Adword campaign has also not been fruitful for a few days – no stats.  I did an analysis on keywords and got a blurb back that google wasn’t listing my ad for those words possibly due to too low of a budget for the ppc (pay per click).  I initially established $.25 per click, so I edited that value to day and set it to be automated by Google.  When I logged off, the ppc value was $.34.  I’ll check again tomorrow and see if I have any positive results.

Also pondering weather or not to attend a free dinner provided as an incentive to attend a website publishing sales meeting.  They also provide a free mp3 player and there’s a drawing for a Dell computer.

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