As a condition of my layoff, my company provided  access to a firm which specializes in career transition and outplacement services.   I took advantage of the down time to have a medical procedure which I’ve been putting off for years but I made contact with the firm to let them know I would do the orientation after my doctor released me.  During the weeks of recovery, in a Vicodin induced haze,  I set up this blog and the website www.dewdropshop.com, thinking it could be a small source of income but I know I need much help and advice from experts.  Being new to the publishing arena, I’m swimming solo but found and joined a few website marketing groups thru www.meetup.com   I’m going to attend a meeting next week which will review how to write ad copy to encourage action. Even though reluctant (reference BURDEN OF FREEDOM AT 50),  I’ll also contact the career transition specialists who can possibly steer and educate me in becoming a successful website publisher; I feel an urgent need to continue working from home, lol.

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