So here I am at 1:52 a.m. spilling out some words; please forgive if something doesn’t quite make sense. I’ve been feeling a little guilty as it’s been a while since I’ve spouted about anything so let me catch you up on TAS current events. I’ve been debating about going back to school to become more experienced in website design, marketing and eCommerce. But I’ve also had these intrusive thoughts that until one build up loads of traffic (which with hard work can take years), the advertisements and banners placed on the websites are simply billboards instead of commission making vehicles. I’ve made some coffee money from the Google ads (and I ain’t taking Starbucks dollars) but I need to start generating a serious income. Going to school to learn more about websites isn’t going to help me generate any income now so is my mind using that as a delay tactic? Possibly. Probably. Plus I have a repetitive motion hand injury that flares up often and I seriously wonder how many hours a day I can keyboard without doing serious damage. I’ve had rehab on the hand but like sex, I think abstinence is the only method to prevent further injury. Sad. School on the back burner for a minute.

On the other hand, I’ve started making a business plan for an idea that I had a few months ago. This by the way is what has seriously eaten into my post writing time, ergo this now 2:46 a.m. post. I had gotten stuck with researching the competition as it’s not a well published service, so I scheduled a meeting this past Monday with SCORE to get some help. SCORE is a source of free and confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs. The counselors are retired executives and entrepreneurs who share their wisdom and experiences. Check it out at www.score.org. The counselor gave me some very good ideas and tips, and indicated the idea was viable. (He also mentioned a non-disclosure agreement but I didn’t see anything in writing.) He has multiple small LLC’s so I feel pretty confident and excited to steam ahead on this.

Blogging can be a vast lonely desert. I personally know no one else that blogs so tonight, I attended a bloggers meeting. There were all levels in attendance from the very experienced and making bucks to the newbies (c’est moi). I especially liked meeting the blogger who demanded that I remove the “celebrating life path changes” off my tag line because it was the name of her book (shameless plug right? Tell someone who cares). The facilitator suggested that a business plan is a must for any serious blog. After I pound out the business plan for my idea above, I’ll get started on one for the websites. The facilitator didn’t see the point of having a blog if you weren’t looking to make money off of it. As I’m unemployed, I’d love and anticipate making a dime or two, but I think there are a whole lotta folks out there in the nether that just want to have a voice, and an outlet and probably won’t care if they never make a dime off their blogs. Love to hear from you – what say you blogger extraordinaire?

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