I’ve been spending hours on the internet, researching the best way to make $$$ on the internet.  There’s no dearth of information once you find the right two key words, like “monetize website.”  Apparently it is best if you have a website that fits a niche, like music entertainment, or an informational site, and goo gobs of viewers.  You can have a website strictly to advertise other websites.  You can have a blog and become a company’s affiliate and place their ad on your site, in any assortment of banner or widget sizes.  You get paid a small percentage of the buy or a set fee if someone clicks that affiliate ad on your site and follow thru to a purchase.  And did I mention that you need a lot of viewers?  You  can gain viewers by using reciprocal links; contact someone whose site is similar to your own, and graciously request if you can add their website to yours, and if they could do the same for you.   List your website on blog and web directories and optimize your site for search engines (SEO) by using lots of key words in your content  like “mid-life career transitions,”  or “life-path changes.”  But it’s all still worthless if you aren’t blogging something interesting and relevant to bring viewers back on a regular basis.  No one wants to hear about the toothpaste smusch dried on the cabinet.  Making heart shaped ice cubes is only fascinating to someone who is deeply in love with you, and maybe not even then.   Bottom line is the more viewers you have, the more opportunities you have to make $$$ by someone randomly clicking on your site’s ad, and ultimately following thru to make a purchase of some type.   It seems you need thousands upon thousands of viewers to make a handful of $$$.  But maybe one just needs to find the right quality high-paying affiliates.  And keep blogging something worthy of reading.

Until then…

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I've been very thankful for the provisions, but my jobs haven't defined who I am, and my heart hasn't been with them. Now I have an opportunity to follow my heart, and redefine the means of making a living. MIOMOT -making it on my own terms.

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