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I've been very thankful for the provisions, but my jobs haven't defined who I am, and my heart hasn't been with them. Now I have an opportunity to follow my heart, and redefine the means of making a living. MIOMOT -making it on my own terms.

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How to optimize your blog post

I’ve taught myself how to design and build websites. It’s been a tall learning curve, but thank goodness that many experts have a passion for posting “how to” articles on the internet. I am by no means an expert, but every problem I’ve had I’ve always been able to resolve after doing a search. Continue reading

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Celebrating Simplicity


OasisSpringI’ve been thinking a lot about simplicity lately.

  • How do you live a simple life?
  • Do I really want to live a simple life?
  • Can I live a simple life now and again, or is it something you must commit to?
  • What is the definition of simple?

When I think of simple, I envision something that is quiet and still, clear, not busy, uncluttered, not without its own beauty.

A quiet life would be minimal to no emails, TV, phone calls, deadlines, meetings. No distractions. No thing whispering in your ear about the thing you must be on to do next.

A simple life to me would mean:

Time to Reflect    Time to enjoy this moment      Time to Breathe    Time to enjoy now.

What does a simple life mean to you? Post your thoughts below.

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins – author of Hunger Games


The second book of the trilogy by Suzanne Collins is CATCHING FIRE

Rating: ?????

ANOTHER PAGE TURNER!!! Often sequels just don’t measure up however I could not put this book down. Maybe because the unusual present tense writing pulls you in and keeps you stuck. The pacing is just as quick as the first book of the trilogy Hunger Games, and the rhythm never flags. Suzanne Collins has the gift of keeping my vagus nerve stimulated. We get to see more of the same characters Katniss, Peeta and Gale and I love that we get to experience deeper emotional interactions between them. Katniss, a year older at seventeen still struggles with her feelings between Peeta and Gale, and hasn’t lost the tendency to be a martyr where their lives are concerned.

(SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven’t read Hunger Games, Do Not Read Further)

The story starts out with Katniss and Peeta making a round of the twelve districts for the celebratory tour for winning the Hunger Game. The rules mandate one victor only, however Kat and Peeta paired up as allies; their strategy of being lovers was a wild success and brought them perks during the game. Due to Kat’s passionate poison berry offering at the end of the game, she has unwittingly manipulated the outcome so that she and Peeta both survive. President Snow took her showy display as a threat against the Capitol and lets her know that by her actions, she has initiated a spark of rebellion in the districts. To lay that spark to rest, she must now prove to all that her love for Peeta was true and not just a strategy for winning the game. If she doesn’t, all relatives and friends in her circle are in danger of being killed, especially and including Gale and Peeta.

Katniss hates the Capitol and everything that it stands for with the fancy painted embellished people, decadent ways, and murder for the sake of entertainment. They seem disinterested that people in the districts suffer under the heavy handed rule of the Peacekeepers, live in squalor and struggle with constant hunger. Should Katniss take her family and run? Or if there really is a resistance beginning, should she take part? For the moment the decision is taken from her as President Snow decides that the Quarter Quell, a glorified version of the games held every twenty-five years, will feature tributes that have won in previous hunger games. The nightmare for Katniss Everdeen begins all over again…

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