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You have written a book and it has already been published. The next step is to properly market the book and get it into the hands of the readers. Proper book advertising is the key to success.

You cannot depend fully on the publishing firm to get the book marketed, even if it is part of the contract. The best way of knowing that the book is being marketed correctly is by getting out there and doing it yourself.

It might come as a surprise that book stores are not always the best source for authors to sell their books. Of course, authors want their books to be available in the book stores. But to achieve this success, the books need to be marketed early on. Below are some ideas of book advertising.

Internet Radio

This is one excellent way of getting your name out in the public. There are various Internet radio channels which are specifically geared toward authors who want to market their books. They usually conduct interviews for new writers. Internet radio can broadcast your book very easily particularly if you can book yourself in a station which has a huge following. Just remember that when you are conducting the interview, you need to relate to the real-life situations of the audience such as family, love and relationships, among others.

Local Public Libraries

Another venue you can do the book advertising is your local public libraries. You can call the library and schedule to talk about your book. Local public libraries normally favor self-published authors as compared to those who use conventional publishing. This is because self-published authors are quite easy to talk to. You should also get your book reviewed in as many sources as you can get as local public libraries usually prefer that. You will certainly get a great deal of promotion if you can make your book available to the local public libraries.

Create your own website

Another good idea is creating a site for your book. An online presence is a 24/7 advertising tool. Keep the site interesting and up to date. Put up a Twitter and Facebook account for your book too. You can get followers and fans and let them see your posts of short articles about your book. Enjoy the benefits of book advertising through the Internet since it is easier to advertise books nowadays with this tool.

Contact book stores and check if you can hold a book signing. This can be one of the greatest ways of promoting your book since the prospective readers will meet the author and get to know the real person who is behind the story. Remember that you are not only there to sell the book but also to sell yourself. So ensure that you are well prepared for the book signing event.

As you can see, there are numerous inventive ways of book marketing on your own. It takes just a little legwork and little imagination for your book to reach the targeted readers.

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