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A free book I’m reading, “Butterflies Are Free,” is theorizing that all of our actions are controlled by an external consciousness (God?). The author says our brains are receiving pre-determined information from that source, which our body’s senses translate into experiences. In light of that, if our bodies are like radios, simply receivers of signals, I now question if the life paths we find ourselves on are for the benefit of that External Consciousness or for the benefit of ourselves. And it seems that all we perceive as our life, is really just a bunch of hooey…

My thoughts: If my current life path of being single with no children has actually been chosen by that External Consciousness, am I supposed to learn a lesson from it, or is it simply an experience/feedback for that External Consciousness? I’ve accepted that my life is a result of all the choices I have made, BUT if that External Consciousness is actually directing all our choices, is it a guided path, or is it a free for all, where the chips land where they may? I.E. if somehow different choices were made, by my perceived self, or by the Ext. Cons., would I still be on this same path? It’s all a glorious mystery!

I often pray that God will allow me to know and understand Him, and pray that my life reflects the glory of HIM in all that I do. So I feel he may be bringing this new information to me. My jury is still out on the truth of this External Consciousness, and since the bible says God gave Adam and Eve free will, subsequently, they were free to make their own decisions and to make their own choices. The author’s theory directly contradicts that, so the info might be from the devil (lol)… Since I haven’t finished the book, I’m pre-feeling that if our lives are really directed by an EC, then why should I attach or assign any importance to anything that happens!? I accept where I am, not feeling sad or happy about anything, like an extraordinary detachment. I think that could be dangerous… Your thoughts?

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