I’m considering using a talking avatar for my website  According to experts, one only has 3 to 4 seconds to grab the visitor, lure him in, and make him stay and read.  I’ve incorporated a flash widget to catch attention, now a nice lure would be a talking, shows expression avatar representative of myself. (for a fee) offers use of  their avatars and voices, or you can upload a pic of yourself and voice blurb to create your own look alike, sound alike, avatar.  I couldn’t help but play around with it – my five minute limit turned into an hour sigh.  Now trouble is, since my new company is on a strict budget, I can’t find a free version of an avatar which will do anything similar.  That’s what happens when you look at Caddies before Kia’s.

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I've been very thankful for the provisions, but my jobs haven't defined who I am, and my heart hasn't been with them. Now I have an opportunity to follow my heart, and redefine the means of making a living. MIOMOT -making it on my own terms.

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