Video Making Tips: Moving Your Camera


When shooting a video, there are few things that will annoy your audience more than the camera moving at random intervals for no apparent reason! This is especially true when something catches the viewer’s attention only for the camera to suddenly cut away before they have had the opportunity to fully process what they are seeing. At this point it is fairly certain that the viewer will lose interest in the video completely. In short–do not move the camera without a good reason. Continue reading

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Passionate About Photography? Set a Vision


MFphotographer Since the invention of the camera, photography has been the hobby of many people. Capturing new worlds with the eye of a camera has been increasing in popularity since the availability of the digital format. If you have a passion for photography, it requires you to understand a variety of things.

Things are easier now

Because of a lack of resources, it was difficult to be a photographer in years past. You had to save large amount of money for purchasing a camera and large printers were used for the purpose of printing. Many people avoided it due to the heavy cost incurred, but recent inventions have made things easy and the cost of the photography has comparatively almost reached a negligible value. Continue reading

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