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How to optimize your blog post

I’ve taught myself how to design and build websites. It’s been a tall learning curve, but thank goodness that many experts have a passion for posting “how to” articles on the internet. I am by no means an expert, but every problem I’ve had I’ve always been able to resolve after doing a search.

I’m revamping my blog VenusVignettes to have a more attractive look, and to include guest posts. My current desire is to have posts set up as excerpts, and to put a dividing line between the posts. I’ve graduated from using WordPress theme TwentyTen to TwentyEleven which adds a light line between the post. I prefer a darker bolder line, but it will do for now. Next, how to get the excerpt?

Nothing was built into the theme so I search the internet and WordPress.org for ideas.  After searching and reading for about 4 days, I was resigned to either mess with the code in the editor, or find a plug in. Low and behold, during a search I spiked off to another web design article (as you do). The author talked about the “more” button that is built into the WP post submission form. For excerpts, it adds code to the appropriate place in the article where you want to stop the text.

Wow, how simple! If I had been trained in coding, this would have probably been a simple already known fix. But because I’m self-taught, this was something completely new to me. Such a simple little thing but it made my day! Happiness can result from such a small bit of knowledge which translates to a big fix for my blog. Yesterday I advocated simplicity. Today “more” means happiness.

I’d love to hear about what small thing has made you multiple times happy this week. Leave me a comment below.

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