Update:  Just got my Cobra documents from the ex-employer.  My termination date was 5/28 and the Modification program deadline was 5/31 (Reference post OBAMA’S COBRA).  The modification basically decreases the price of your existing healthcare package t0 35% of the premium. The employer has to absorb the rest.  OMG did I just squeak into that inclusion?!

The monthly fee will be pretty much the same as when I was employed, with the same terms, and deductibles.  So I have the same medical, dental, and vision for up to eighteen months.  The documents also reference an option to find other plans through .  I input that address to get a comparison but it defaulted to .   The few plans I looked at had huge deductibles so I’m sticking with the Cobra.  Only one drawback:  I’ll be billed July 15th for coverage from 5-29 thru 8-31, so essentially they are requiring three months of payments all at once. Make It Work. 

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