Creative Writing Courses – What Do They Entail?


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What Will You Study?

Undertaking a creative writing course is more or less suitable even for beginner writers, as well as those whom have already acquired some level of experience and in turn would like to develop their writing skills further.

Creative writing courses help students to identify strengths, weaknesses and what actually interests you as a writer through providing a great opportunity to write in a wide variety of genres: fiction, short story, and poetry, non-fiction, writing for children, biography and autobiography amongst many others.

The course has an emphasis on you finding your preferred direction and writing styles through experimenting with different techniques and practicing your writing skills. Students should however expect criticism which is constructive and are expected to act upon the criticism in order to become a more skilled writer.

Creative writing courses are suitable not only for aspiring writers and people looking to make a career from writing, but for also for those who may just have an interest in reading and writing and whom wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding when it comes to writing.

Study Materials – What’s Included

Course book, audio CDs, online forums, website containing study planner, module guide, assessment materials, further links and electronic versions of the study materials.

So, what do you need? Well all you need is pen, paper and an audio-CD player. If there’s anything else you wish to have handy, then take it along.
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Computing requirements

If you’re studying online, you will need a web cam, headphones, good internet connection and preferably a laptop or computer purchased in 2007 or later; this is due to ensuring the online activities set can be completed without any issues.

If you’re in doubt of any technical requirements, contact your online course provider to find out in more detail what exactly is needed for you to undertake the course online.

Teaching and Assessment

Support from your tutor

You will receive a tutor that will not only help you, but will also be your mentor throughout the study of your course. Choosing or finding the right teacher for you can be rather difficult and sometimes you may just get lucky. One way of finding a good course provider/teacher is to look online to see whether or not they have good reviews. Tutors should provide you with the required study materials and mark your work in a timely manner and explain exactly where you are going wrong and what you’re doing well. In addition, you’re tutor should be available online (not always) but at allocated times. Here, you can ask for advice and guidance. If you wish, you can contact tutors over the phone or via email.

If you are undertaking a creative writing course online, there will be two day-schools in which you will be expected, although not obliged, to attend.


Students will be more often than not be expected to submit assignments online through the ETMA system, unless students have issues that actually prevent the submission of work via this route. In which case, your tutor must agree to a paper written submission. End of module assessments must be submitted online through the ETMA system to prevent copyright and content theft from other sources. So make sure you do not copy or try to cheat, as the system will pick up on chunks of copied text.

Above all, enjoy learning on a creative writing course, if writing and reading is a passion of yours.

Susan is the author of this article and is very experienced when it comes to creative writing courses in terms of whats involved and what students should expect.

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