A good friend asked me to blog about cougars.  She recently returned from a vacation in Lebanon and had met a forty-seven year old woman who had married a much younger man.   The cougar/cub phenomenon has been on fire for a while here in the states but I did not know it was a global phenomena.  From my friend’s conversation, cougars dating cubs is more natural, and acceptable there.  The  romance and marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore seemed to be the media flash point  here in the US.  I think the mind thought now is changing, but initially the media painted cougars as desperate, aging, emotionally bereft, unethical spinsters who didn’t know their place.   The May to September,  female/male romances generated a whole new theme for TV.  There was the 2007 reality elimination show, “Age of Love,” which pitted “cougars” against “kittens” to win the affections and heart of a young tennis star.   Another one was hosted by Vivica Fox called “The Cougar.”  Ms. Fox spawned a little attention for herself when she dated the much younger rap star Fifty Cents.   Anyway that show featured men in their twenties in competition to win a forty year old, one Stacey Anderson.  I personally never saw the show – can anyone weigh in? 

A current sit-com Cougar Town stars Courtney Cox as a divorcee who tries to add spice to her dating life. Her character has forgivable flaws, and her son at times seems to be the adult, her ex is still very present in her life, she has a crush on the single stud muffin across the street, and her best friend emotionally abuses her hubby.  It’s a cute show though some of the characters around her seem more interesting.  

Listen (Obama says that often), simply put, women that are single and looking in their gentle middle years are playing a numbers game.  She can be gorgeous, fit and youthful, but it doesn’t really matter.   Most men are married and settled.  The singles of age and eligible  are burned up, used up, nary to marry again, or they drift their wood toward more youthful women.   Case in point, just watch The Millionaire Matchmaker-  the men generally all come in wanting the same thing – a young woman who has the looks and body of a model and a sizable intellect.  No disrespect to the models or wanna be’s out there, but as Patty says, “it ain’t gonna happen,” lol.   Patty had an episode where a cougar hired her to find a younger man.  Patty convinced her to have a date with an attractive older gentleman, but when the cougar actually met face to face with the aging stud, she turned tail and fled leaving behind only a shoe for the spurned Cinderfella.   It’s my favorite episode to date.

So I leave you tonight with today’s reality:  women forty and older are looking like a million bucks, and have CHOICES!    Welcome your thoughts…

Until then…

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3 thoughts on “CUBS N COUGARS

  1. Experiencing the cougar phenomenon first hand has me wondering why young, hot and free men would choose much older women for dating and marriage. Based on anecdotes I heard in Lebanon and Kuwait, the prevailing philosophy is that it is their destiny/fate/God’s will that they find each other and marry regardless of age, religion, race, etc. That flew in the face of my preconceived notions about Arabs and Lebanese men desiring to marry much younger women for breeding purposes. One woman is 17 years older than her husband; he is supporting her financially and is in love with her….go figure. I know of eight women who are cougars or super cougars, one is in Michigan and the rest are in the Middle East.

  2. Famous cougar couples:

    1. Demi Moore and Ashton Cutcher
    2. Mariah Carey / Nick Cannon
    3. Halle Berry / Gabriel Aubry
    4. Linda Hogan / Charlie Hill
    5. Jennifer Aniston / John Mayer
    6. Madonna/Guy Ritchie/Alex Rodriguez (Madonna is a super cougar)
    7. Hugh Jackman/Deborrah Furness (ages 41/54)
    8. Barbara Hershey, 61/Neveen Andrews, 40
    9. Tim Robbins, 50 and Susan Sarandon, 62
    10. Christopher Backus, 27 and Mira Sorvino, 41

  3. Yea go figure – there are all kind of phychological to look at – for young women/older men it’s the stereotypical woman looking for a sugar daddy or someone to take care of her. So what is the issue for young men who are and aren’t celebrities I wonder? Are they lookng for a mama? Or just a woman to take care of them (which doesn’t apply to the celebrity men)? Or do they just appreciate the maturity and beauty of a seasoned woman, like fine wine, steak and cheese ha!

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