Dangling Carrot


Both of my TV’s have broken down within a weeks time. I really don’t believe in coincidences so is that a sign that I need to concentrate fully on my plans? I do know that I miss blogging in front of my big screen, sigh. On the other hand, I’m so excited!! I have an idea for a niche, and sent off several queries to advertisers. After a dizzying day of pre-designing a website– name searches, template and theme selections, and finally setting up a domain, I found an In-Box reply from a Google Affiliate associate. It was a re-assuring email that a new website with little to no traffic would not be considered a handicap for an advertiser. In other words I can move full speed ahead with my idea, and anticipate approvals. There were a few notes of caution: “Just make sure your site is fully launched and that you provide a solid site description and you should have no trouble applying to advertiser programs.”

It cost me all of $15–this was just to set up a new domain name thru my existing host JUSTHOST.com Their policy will allow me to “add on” this domain to an initial one for free. Yea, aint’ too shabby. What is this called in the business realm for entry and exit barriers? Low cost entry!

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