Shhhh, I’m totally losing track of my theme for VV.  It started out as a commentary toward fiftyish something women who had been laid (layed?) off, and were transitioning to other jobs, careers, life path changes.  It has now become a hit and miss journal of my exploration of other things which I hope will generate income sooner or later.  I’m really drawn toward fashion, trends, political events, but really aren’t there enough blogs and websites touting same? All the while I’m exploring new ways to make money, and make a website attractive and alluring, I’m also learning how to monetize the site.  As I became an affiliate to multiple companies, ads starting appearing in various places– in the header, the sidebar, the footer, and anywhere else I could squeeze them in.  As my edumacation increased, the ad placements became more logical as the ads themselves became more thoughtful.  Traffic has increased and decreased contingent on buying ad space from Google, Facebook, MySpace.  Reciprocal links added validity so the Alexa rankings are on a downward trend (that is a good thing, for instance Google is rated #1 site on Alexa).  My initial ranking was over 16 million, today it’s some over 908,000.  Dabbling in promotions via social media (mainly FB and Twitter). and SEO activities (search engine optimization) is also proving beneficial but takes a lot of time.

So here is the thing…I’ve done a lot of other stuff that I haven’t documented here, due to my aversion to actually laying my bones bare to the public eye. Not that VV gets huge lots of traffic, but I generally live a private life, opening up to a chosen few family members, and friends.  Keeping a written journal that you can close and hide is one thing, keeping a written journal in the web’osphere is quite another. No thing gets lost to the webula’s ether.  To stay true to VV theme, I need to document and share more of what I’m doing.  So let’s say that I prefer a thoughtful presentation of my nude bones versus a vulgar display, and as writers know when you edit, many tender, cultivated bits gets thrown out if it doesn’t contribute to the bottom line.  My goal today is to share more.

What’s your goal today?  Please share with us by hitting the comment button below.

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