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If you’re starting to notice very strong signs of acne formation on your face and neck, this is likely coming along with some serious worry. Not only does acne itself cause you to feel less confident and comfortable in your own skin, the thought of acne scarring may also be present which then evokes a whole new set of worries.

One of the biggest issues that those with acne do face is the potential risk of scaring, so it is important to learn what you can do to reduce your chances of this occuring, and how to treat it if it does.

Fortunately, with the right approach, you can do just that. Let’s take a closer look at what you should know.

Types of Acne

Acne scars can occur for a number of reasons and it’s important to realize that there is more than one type. Three different variations can occur and will need to be treated slightly differently.

1. Ice pick scars occur when there are small holes in the surface of the face that will then create the appearance of punctured skin. The scars can occur in groups and are quite noticeable to the naked eye, so they are something that you aren’t going to be hide easily. Unfortunately make-up often does not cover these types of scars, so once they are present, you may be hard pressed to hide them on your face.

2. Rolling scars
are acne scars that come about when bands of scar tissue form and this then gives a very uneven appearance to the surface of the skin. These too can be challenging to hide with make-up, so can significant influence the level of self-confidence you have in your looks.


3. Boxcar scars, are the most noticeable to the naked eye. They occur where there is a round indent in the skin. Unfortunately, if you’re suffering from this type of scar, there will be no getting away from the fact that others will notice.

Treatment Options Available

So what can be done to help treat and manage these scars effectively? There are a few different acne scar removal options.

First, you can go for sublative rejuvenation treatments, which are the latest in skin treatment and innovation practices. This is one of the most effective forms of acne scar removal treatment and involves a bi-polar beam to penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and prompting new cell growth.  This treatment tends to provide the most long-lasting solutions available.


Two other additional treatments that can be used which are quite natural as well and will produce good results, although not as effective as sublative is a green peel treatment along with the derma roller,  which simulates collagen and elastin production as well.

Which ever type of scarring is your challenge, with the tips above, you should be able to find an acne scar removal treatment to help you to feel more confident in the way you look once again.

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