Jogging in Place – A Perfect Weight Loss Plan


If you have an extremely busy life schedule and wish to lose weight to get an ideal body, you will find nothing better than ‘jogging in place’. This simple workout is an ideal fitness, weight loss and muscles building plan for all including the athletes who are required to have great strength and power to perform well.

Some who have never jogged before may be unaware of the benefits they can get from this simple yet an effective exercise. The benefits of jogging are unlimited which may include strengthening of lungs, improvement of blood circulation and oxygen supply to the body, toning and strengthening of muscles and losing weight.

Excess weight gain has become a big issue these days and people really want to get rid of it, but many prefer buying into expensive weight loss programs which mostly produce unsatisfactory results. Some also join gyms by paying high fees even if they are not able to afford it, but they do so only because of the fact that they want to lose weight at any cost.

Why Jog in Place?

There are a good number of reasons why you should go for jogging in place in your routine life to get the maximum benefits. Some of these reasons are mentioned below to help you understand why it is better than other aerobic exercises.

  • Jogging in place is considered to be a safe way to work with your body muscles as you can adjust the pace according to your personal requirement. You can begin with slow pace which you can gradually improve and regulate. This simple aerobic workout also allows you to shift the pace to a faster sprinting way or revert it back to the slow one.
  • Some like to perform light weight exercises to lose the weight or tone the muscles and if you combine both light exercise and jogging, you can even double the benefits of their workout.
  • Jogging at night is also a good idea and this is an especially useful and convenient option for those who don’t usually have time in the morning.
  • Jogging in place can be done anywhere– at your home, school, college, office or any other place as it does not require a big place.
  • It is absolutely free and you don’t have to spend lots of money to perform this weight loss program.

 How to Begin?

If you are unused to being active, start slowly with a minute of activity, than work up to five to ten minutes. For average fitness, many experts say the body needs a half an hour to an hour of activity daily.  As you know your body best, you should be the judge. Establish goals and tailor your running to meet them.

Risk of Injury?

Though it is a much safer way to tone muscles, some injuries still can occur, especially in lower body areas such as legs, ankle, knee, shin and feet. The most common injuries include blisters, pain in shin, tearing of soft muscles or tissues and sometimes skin related problems i.e. bruises or sunburn if done outside.



Is jogging in place good exercise even after causing injuries? Yes, it is still a good option as compared to other activities as the risks are very low relative to the fitness achieved.  Also all of these injuries can be prevented if safety measures are taken, such as warming up, stretching, wearing supportive athletic shoes, and reducing or revising activity if pain is felt.

Stella Fin is a highly professional and experience health expert, who writes for different blogs on the topics of health like fat loss, weight loss, acne, height improvement etc. Stella is also a prolific writer and expert on various health products like kyle leon.

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