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There are many budding photographers today and there is no disputing that the level of talent  has risen dramatically. That is in part due to an improvement in camera technology but still, the marked improvement is refreshing to see. Some of the things you can capture on film nowadays is incredible and there is no disputing that people love to take pictures.

You can, if you are any good, make a serious amount of money from your hobby, you just have to know the best route to take. This article will aim to focus in on the right route and present three points that will help you make money from your hobby.

There are many different forums and information websites that can give you a lot of detailed and highly relevant information regarding how best to use the camera you have.

Spend a little time making use of this information and always seek ways to better yourself as a photographer. Trust me it will be worthwhile, and trust yourself and your ability. You must be willing and confident to market yourself as people aren’t just going to magically come across your shots.

Target Audience

It is important to target a particular audience with your pictures. Competition is high and being generic won’t get you anywhere. Having a portfolio that is targeted to a specific age range or located in a particular city can help you gain a loyal fan base. From there you can propel yourself further but it is important to have that solid base.

We live in the internet age and it is thus essential to have a website too. Selling your images online can be a great thing and the profit you can make is pretty incredible.

Spend some time researching the market and try and formulate an idea of what pictures you want to capture.


Be a little cheeky–you have got to get your pictures out to the world. Digital printing is pretty cheap and so are frames, mount your images and get them in local cafes and restaurant, offer commission and spread the word. If you are serious about your career in photography then this won’t be a problem at all, you should in fact enjoy spreading the word about the service you provide.

As mentioned, there is a lot of competition so get in people’s faces, offer something different and don’t charge too much. If the images you capture are innovative and interesting then  people will be willing to buy.


This seems fairly obvious but you have got to be good at what you do. One method that will get you noticed is your ability to capture images that relate to people’s daily lives.

Photography is such a diverse art and if you have ideas that are pretty off the cuff, don’t be scared to run with it. You can’t be wrong in this industry and in fact you are much more likely to be noticed for creating a photo that is off the beaten track.

Andreas is an author with a love for the arts. He is a budding phtographer himself and does all he can to ensure that his work gets noticed online and around his local area.


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