After many revisions,  I was finally semi-happy with the design and layout of my site:       I spent the last several days figuring out how to market it so I  can start  making  some $$$.   My website host provider provided several promotional codes for marketing but before delving into those, with excitement and trepidation,  I sent announcement notices via email,, my alumni site, Twitter, and am considering how to upload something to  Thank goodness for social networking!  To take advantage of the JustHost promos,  on a wing and prayer I navigated thru the jungles and designed ads for sites – Google Adwords,  Facebook,  and MySpace.  Designing an ad was an experience in itself!  You must make it catchy visually and thru words, and you must  make a thorough statement about what your site provides in a very few words.  In lieu of a logo, I uploaded a picture…so logo need is on the backburner for now.  The marketing sites automate reports on  impressions (amount of times the ad shows up on viewer’s page) and click throughs (amount of times the viewer clicks the ad and actually is taken to the website).  I’m getting thousands of impressions, and a decent amount of click throughs so I guess my ads are catchy, but from what I can tell, there have been no sales. 

Through exposure to the on-line marketing arena, I’m understanding that if and when a viewer goes to a website site, they are ready to buy.  You have one chance to make an impression.  I’m not so sure how true that is just based on personal experience.  If I see a catchy ad, I’ll click on it, and if I like what I see I’ll bookmark the site for when I’m ready to buy.  How about you?  Please weigh in with your ad experiences.  Now I’m developing a publisher conscience, and am thinking that I should just click on ads to help some publisher make a few cents. 

Taking another look at my website, I warred on how to change it to make that initial bang.  I’m limited in the design due to the WordPress Blog layout but I don’t know enough code to design a site personally.  The Amazon Store takes up most of the page, and even though the store contained various femme care products, only tampons were shown on the initial page.  Last night I spent several hours modifying the aStore and creating multiple stores with different categories.  I felt like my laptop had become a permanent top of thigh attachment.  I left the widget ads on the right side, and pulled out a category for special lowest prices.   All the categories will be scrollable on the left side so I’m happy again with the layout but have to add another category for accessories. Can’t wait to check the stats on the new layout from the marketing sites.  Also readers,  I am open to construtive critique.          Until then…

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  1. There is a typo in your link, which does not work. I think it’s supposed to be dewdropshop, and instead it’s dewdroshop. You’re missing the first “p.”

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