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We often hear people talking about supplements which boosts their immune systems, or helps them in other ways. However, nobody really talks about the appropriate age to start taking supplements. When do you stop taking supplements? More importantly, does your body really need supplements? The article below answers these burning questions for anybody who may interested in learning more about these soft gel capsules.

Is It Safe for Children to Take Multivitamins?

Certainly before taking a supplement or any kind of medication, thorough research must be done. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Every person will provide you with different answers thus you will get different opinions and results. For parents with young children, the main question is directed toward the safety of whether or not to introduce supplements to children.

For healthy and well-fed children, supplements aren’t at all required. Children gain essential vitamins and minerals from the home prepared food they eat. If parents are firm (yet flexible) with the food choices they give to their children, there’s no reason for supplements. Enforcing the type of food they eat will help them in the long run as the child’s immune system strengthens itself thanks to these essential vitamins gained from quality foods.

Multivitamins are good for children who are picky eaters, with certain chronic diseases, unavoidable food allergies or a strict vegan diet.

However, for children who deliberately avoid eating green vegetables or refuse to drink orange juice, doctors recommend these children to take multivitamins. Many multivitamins can provide your child with essential vitamins such as Vitamin B, Vitamin D, calcium and iron. However, taking multivitamins doesn’t mean there aren’t risks. Provide your child with a safe dose of multivitamins. Too much of the substance can do more harm than good.

Before purchasing multivitamins for your child, talk to your doctor first. Find out what types of multivitamins are good for your child’s age group.

Do Teenagers Need Supplements?

The average teenager possibly don’t require any added vitamins or nutrients due to the wide variety of food choices now available. However, it’s a different story if your child is pursuing a professional sport career. Therefore, there is no need to take supplements to boost vitamins, calcium, iron unless your child has allergies that prevent them from drinking milk, for example. Supplements in general are required for teens that want to become physically fit by performing intense workout sessions and require quick recovery periods.

The supplements that are safe for teens which are: whey protein, casein protein, multivitamins, fast carbohydrates and amino acids.

Should I Take Supplements?

This is solely dependent on how you take care of your body before you turned 40 per se. If you’re regularly exercising, eating healthy with a glass of red wine per day, then it’s not necessary to take any sort of supplement. Results of taking health supplements vary from person to person thus, there’s no definitive answer that these supplements work.

If patients are looking for supplements, such as calcium supplements, these can help as bone density degrades over time. Some supplements such as Celergen for example can help alleviate paints from joint ache and bone degradation.

Again, talk to your doctor what types of supplements are required for your body and contain the lowest possible health risk.

It comes without a doubt no matter how many supplements and medication is taken, there’s no way to effectively replace food and its benefits. Supplements should only be taken, regardless of age, if essential nutrients are missing from the diet.

Ken Wong is a nutrional specialist that advises his patients on how to encourage young children and teenagers to eat healthy. He holds small, community seminars to discuss what types of health supplements are safe for all age groups. His seminars covers supplements that are good for adults such as Celergen.

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