It was astoundingly odd to see this sight on the glass of my patio door; it is a close-up of multiple, pin head sized, arranged in a less than perfect circle, eggs on glass.  They fried later and turned cream colored in the blazing Georgia sun.

 I have yet to clean them off, just to remind myself that nature can and does go wrong.  Were the eggs laid by a bug in a hurry, or a bug that was challenged  by some genetic function gone wrong?  Whatever the defect, it won’t be passed down in this particular bug’s line, since the eggs had zero chance to survive.  This oddity is definitely symptomatic of our topsy turvy world, possibly a pre-cursor to or another natural disaster happening before our eyes.  If something has gone wrong there, something must also be going wrong with us since we are also part of nature.  This event was probably the by-product of something man made that the tiny insect could not escape.  Are we humans also  performing what we think are seemingly normal ordinary acts but in the eyes of our higher powers, those acts are seen as nature gone wrong?

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