Wow is all I can say.  A friend is having a 50th birthday soon, and I thought  to give a gag gift.  I scanned a $50 bill, then with a photo editor I removed Grant’s face and replaced it with a picture of my friends face.   I saved the pic, and then lined up 4 pics of the bill on a page so I could print multiple copies.  To expedite, I set up printing on 2 HP printers:  an old year 2000 printer, and my  newest, a  2006 PSC1400.  The old unit printed out just fine, but the new printer would only print one copy of the bill and mysteriously, a website addy appeared under the bill, “”

Being alarmed and curious about how my printer could be hi-jacked, I naturally googled the address.  Printing money even for fun is a legally restricted activity governed by The Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group (CBCDG).  Per the website:  “A counterfeit deterrence system (CDS) has been developed by the CBCDG to deter the use of personal computers, digital imaging equipment, and software in the counterfeiting of banknotes. The CDS has been voluntarily adopted by hardware and software manufacturers, and prevents personal computers and digital imaging tools from capturing or reproducing the image of a protected banknote. The technology does not have the capacity to track the use of a personal computer or digital imaging tools.”

I wonder what other items our printers are restricted from printing…


Be Well


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