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When starting a blog on wordpress there is a variety of functions you can use to create the perfect blog for you or your company. From design layouts to color schemes you can use whatever you need to thoroughly express any idea you have. One of the best ways to enhance any blog is to add plugins, which gives you a way to expand the functionality of your blog and further interact with the reader. Here is a list of the 5 plugins I can’t live without, that can be useful for any blog.


The phrase a “picture is worth a thousand words” is not only true, but very important when it comes to starting a blog. Adding an image can further express what you are talking about and create a more visually appealing look. Whether the blog is for a local dentist office or law firm, adding images can give the reader a look into the company or that sense of what the environment is like. Images also keep a blog interesting, add color and break up the amount of white space on a page.


Enabling comments on a wordpress blog can create an open discussion with those writing the blog and those reading it as well. This is extremely helpful for companies trying to receive feedback from their customers or readers. A lot of times blog posts may go up that may cause the readers to inquire about more information or ask questions about relatable topics. Having a comment section is the perfect way to address any questions, tell them about other blog posts that may also be of help or get ideas of new blog posts to provide, to best help your customers or readers. This will also create lines of communication between other readers or for them to post a review or remark that may entice more readers.

Related Posts

Having a section for related posts is helpful for a handful of reasons. Instead of searching all over the web, readers of your blog can get all their questions answered in one organized place about the topics they want. This will generate more views for your blog because anything related to their search will already be there for them without them having to look for it.  This gives the writer of the blog a way to promote other blog posts that are relevant and can give the reader some more insight on what you or your company can do.

Social Share Buttons

Social networking is one of the easiest and fastest ways to share posts, thoughts, pictures and anything else you can think about. Having a plugin on your blog that allows readers to share, like or retweet your blog post can benefit you in many ways.

  • It will give you a platform to have more people view the post
  • Help expand your ability to market your company or product to potential customers
  • Enable you to see which topics and posts people like and want more of
  • Allows you to share your blog posts on as many platforms as you like

Contact Form

Being able to contact the writer of the blog or company that the blog is for is one of the best ways to create positive paths of communications. It gives them a direct line of communication to you and gives you the ability to address any situations negative or positive. This also allows them to know exactly who to contact without going on a wild goose hut to ask a simple question.

Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO Director at Fahrenheit Marketing LLC, an Austin based Web design company. Zane thinks that the usability of contact forms are an often overlooked aspect of WordPress sites.

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