Have you seen the newest Old Spice commercial?  An attractive charismatic man with a deep voice, and big muscles performing seemingly effortless scene changes, makes it seem like your man, who is ordinary and average Joe, could become just like him if he simply used Old Spice Body Wash, and smelled like Old Spice instead of smelling like ladies body wash.  Everything you had ever hoped and dreamed of, he could provide, if only he smelled of Old Spice. The original commercial ended with the man riding a white horse; this time he gets splashed down on a motorcycle.  Both times the commercials end with something between the man’s legs.  We all know sex sells—I see these endings as a subliminal representation of his (translate “your man’s”)  sexual prowess (as if he could ride you).

My dad used Old Spice back in the ‘60’s.  I haven’t known one man in my adult life that has ever bought or used Old Spice.  I probably would have made fun of him if he did.  The new commercials show marketing at its most brilliant –there is no doubt of the product being pushed, it sucks you in, it’s engaging and entertaining, persuasive, and straight to the point.  It’s directed at women who will, at minimum, encourage their men to use Old Spice Body Wash or buy it for him during her normal store run.  Men will now second guess why they are using their lady’s body wash.  This commercial makes me curious to remember what Old Spice smells like.  You want to see the commercial again after it ends.  At least I did.

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