Why are people getting so upset because there are talks to remove the term “In God We Trust” from the US coins?  I’ve given this substantial thought from a Christian point of view.  Honestly, I don’t believe people think godly thoughts or make spiritually decisions because they are holding a coin that says “in god we trust.”    I don’t think the statement on the coin makes much difference.  It is a hypocrisy to me – I don’t hear about prayer opening sessions in the Senate or Congress, or anywhere else critical decisions are made “for the people.” Since the government designed and minted the coins, is it a statement that the collective “they” at one time wanted to have as an institutionalized ideal?  Or was it a reflection of the nation? Was it added for the government to gain favor with religious leaders of the time?  Has the original meaning and intent been lost?   I did a little google search for the history of the how’s and why’s–here is an interesting link:  Treasury’s History   Check it out, quite interesting history.  Looking forward, it feels like we are moving toward a moneyless society.  I can go a long time with the use of my debit and credit cards without needing to heft the weight of a coin or bill.  With all increase of electronic transactions, money could become extinct.  Our dollars used to be based on a value of gold, but that is another topic yea?

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