I generally don’t believe in giving energy to negatives, butI feel obligated to make a mention since I’m posting my “becoming  a website publisher” learning curve here.  I was excited to receive an email from an advertiser director offering an incentive payment if  listed some ads on my site.  I placed a banner, and two product ads in very visible positions on my site:    I sent an email back to the advertiser, confirming site locations, but didn’t hear back and didn’t find any payments in my account.  I waited a several days, then sent a few more query emails to the director to no avail.  Being a noob, I sent a help email to the on-line company which brought us together asking for recommendations.  They replied back within hours advising if the advertiser  was unresponsive, then I should take the ads down.  I did delete the ads with a little reluctance because they had a great price on their product, but if they were unresponsive to me, what would be my customer’s experience after they bought product?  It’s not worth taking the risk.

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