Celebrating Simplicity


OasisSpringI’ve been thinking a lot about simplicity lately.

  • How do you live a simple life?
  • Do I really want to live a simple life?
  • Can I live a simple life now and again, or is it something you must commit to?
  • What is the definition of simple?

When I think of simple, I envision something that is quiet and still, clear, not busy, uncluttered, not without its own beauty.

A quiet life would be minimal to no emails, TV, phone calls, deadlines, meetings. No distractions. No thing whispering in your ear about the thing you must be on to do next.

A simple life to me would mean:

Time to Reflect    Time to enjoy this moment      Time to Breathe    Time to enjoy now.

What does a simple life mean to you? Post your thoughts below.

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