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Applied thru to set up my company as LLC.  I chose the standard package, and there was also a $100 fee to register with the state of GA.  I’m playing around with logos now instead of making my target company list.  Constructive feedback on the logo welcomed!

Update 9/26 – ended up with for a final logo.  The site is represented by graphic design students seeking work to create a portfolio.  For $19.95 they will design three logos, with 2 revisions.  Here were the three initial presentations:

Out of the three presented, I liked the middle the best but the font and structure was too corporate, and wallish. I researched the psychology of colors orange and green.  Seems people either hate or love orange, and it represents freshness, newness, energy.  The green is very common in logos.  After 2 revisions, see below what I ended up with.   I didn’t love it but it’s growing on me:

Hit the comments link to provide constructive criticism :-).

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