What are you doing right now?  Working, wishing you could take a nap, driving, in the hospital, contemplating suicide, cussing someone out, sitting with a sick one, having a drink, stuck in traffic, watching TV, preparing a meal, eating ice cream, kissing a baby, laughing, crying?  As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, we know this moment will pass.  For most of us it will pass too quickly.  Sadly, for me, time becomes the enemy when there is not enough of it. 

I’ve found out how to make my days slow down, but it’s something that must be practiced, practiced, practiced.  Everyday.  It’s being present.  Deepak Chopra in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of success says, “The Present is a present.”  The present is most certainly a gift, but it is one that is most often underappreciated, overlooked or ignored.  What is being present?  Easy to describe, hard to do.  It is being focused on whatever is happening at this particular minute.  It’s not allowing your mind to race forward to what you have to do tonight, or what you should have done last night.  It’s taking the time to appreciate the event or non-event that is unfolding in front of you, be it pleasant or unpleasant.  It’s that second that you push the remote control to close the garage door and watch it ease down, so you don’t have to wonder later if you actually closed the garage.  Or it’s the second that you actually see yourself  turning off or unplugging the iron or other appliance so you feel secure that your house won’t burn down while you are away.  Or actually seeing the range of emotions flit across your child’s face as they share their day.  How beautiful is that?  

I’m not exactly sure how this makes time slow down for me…maybe because some part of each day became embedded in my mind, and those multitudes of moments can be recalled?  Is it because I’ve gained moments in time, not lost them?  I don’t know, but lately I’ve been forgetting lately to be present and it shows in my house, in my being, and in how I treat others. It’s like I’m in the midst of chaos and my time is swishing right by at an accelerated pace.  I don’t like that feeling so I’m taking a moment now to be present, and to center myself, to feel each breath and to become aware of my lungs gracefully moving air in and out.  I’m not sure I could ever be present twenty-four hours a day, or even if I should, but won’t you share this moment with me?

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