Top 4 Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss


If you are one who has experienced some known fat loss problems, to shed unwanted pounds you might consider juicing to lose weight. Juicing weight loss programs were introduced to the public a few years back and has now become a proven way to shed pounds.

Your body always need nutrients, and one of the best ways to satisfy that while shedding pounds is by drinking nutritional juices. Here are 4 great recipes for delicious juices which will aid your weight loss. .

Recipe # 1

One of the most useful recipes for juicing to lose weight is the combination of carrots, cucumber, parsley, and apples. Put these 4 ingredients in a juicer or blender to make the juice. This combo is highly helpful in keeping your hunger under control as well as providing all the necessary nutrients that your body need.

Recipe # 2

For making the recipe number 2, you need to have skinless oranges (preferably large ones), skinless grapefruit (moderate size), half piece of banana, strawberries (handful), a little ice and 2 tbs of protein powder without flavor or sweetners. Now mix all these ingredients into the juicer to blend your tasteful protein shake which will boost your energy level to its peak. This recipe will keep you agile throughout the day without eating anything else at all and the results will appear in weight loss.

Recipe # 3

 This recipe lets you feel great difference in your energy level. To make the recipe no. 3, get grapefruit (half), apples (two), parsley (few sprigs) and grapes (half of handful) seeds removed. Put all these ingredients into a blender and enjoy the great benefits; be sure to  also encourage other to drink it.

 Recipe # 4

You can also add vegetables in your fruit juicing recipes to the boost fat burning process. In this recipe, your main ingredients would be vegetables and you will add fruits to give a sweetened taste to your juice. However, you should remember that some of the fruits contain lots of sugar and you should avoid such fruits as high amounts of sugar will be sure to block your weight loss.

Put broccoli and beets in juicer in their original raw form. Make your vegetable juice and drink one glass before you have a meal which means you can drink 3 or 4 glasses of juice during the day. You will soon observe the decrease in your appetite and after a few days, you will be clearly looking at yourself with less weight.


The above mentioned 4 juicing recipes for weight loss are proven to be energy boosters. In addition, your metabolism will also be improved which will give you great health benefits. You must give a try to these tasteful juicing recipes; you’ll be surprised not only by the weight loss but also the additional perks of a healthier body, and glowing shining skin.

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