Transitions are happening everywhere, everyday.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but if the change makes life easier, I’ll all for it!  WordPress has a new 3.0 release titled “Thelonius,”  apparently named after a  great jazz musician, and a new theme Twenty Ten which replaces Kubrick.  Check out and catch Matt Mullenweg’s excitement as he speaks about the changes:

 I was previewing Twenty Ten but neglected to close out of it when I got called away.  When I got back to my nb the next day, the darn theme had automatically updated, thank you very much!  I do like it much better than the theme I was using,  but I lost a bunch of widgets in the transition.  Among other things, Twenty Ten will allow you to add a picture to the header and to the background without having to add on a plug-in (which may or may not work for the release that you use).  It allows menu customizations which I have yet to explore.   I don’t believe in co-incidences so maybe that hi-jacking was a sign that I needed to simplify my page, de-clutter if you will, which I’m also starting to do in other areas of my life.  More on that later…

If you are running WordPress, and have updated to the latest/greatest, what do you think of it?

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