I am an avid reader (translate geek), and love love love words and books.  I’ve slowed down the past several years due to internet use, but I’m finding my love has returned.  Enjoy my reviews and please feel free to click the comment link, and make your own critique, or critique my critique.

If you are so inclined to buy the book, I’d appreciate a token thank you for the review if you buy through the link beneath the review.  I am an Amazon affiliate and get a small (did I say small?) commission for advertising the book only when you buy through that link.  Amazon actually has really good prices, and you won’t pay any extra.

I’d love hearing from you! Live well!
(I downloaded the Kindle reading app to my cell phone – didn’t think I would like it, but actually love it. It’s convenient reading at the gym when stacking up long miles on the treadmill!)

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