By Deepak Chopra    

Rating: ★★★★★ 

This is a book I keep right near my bible – I use it like a reference and turn to it often.  I thought I lost it or someone with sticky fingers had walked off with it as I couldn’t find it for a while.  Turns out I had shelved it front and center on my office bookcase, to keep it near in case of immediate need.  (Well how about that for some insight into how often I use my office.)

Anyway, the powerful lessons in this book literally saved my sanity, and probably my life.  As I browsed a book store self-help isle during an extremely difficult, stressful time in my work life, this book literally dropped off the shelf and landed at my feet. I had heard of Deepak Chopra, and read a few of his early quantum healing books.  The book is small with seven short chapters, dealing with our spiritual energy, relationships, and manifestations of health and wealth in our lives.  After practicing the principles, I realized they were actually clarifications and personalizations of bible principles and guidelines.  I actually took a week to practice each one of the chapter’s themes, over and over again for months.  It made an amazing difference in my life.

A few specifics?  The 1st chapter, “The Law of Pure Potentiality,” made me realize that the stress, and anxiety I felt was self-induced due to my ego; and that everything I did in my life, whether or not I was conscience of it, was done to uphold that ego, ergo I was living in fear of other’s lack of approval.  We perceive that others judge us and criticize us (indeed they do), but when I realized that agenda was theirs, not mine, I was able to released the need to live up to other’s standards, and expectations.  My goodness, what a release and relief that was, and I was able to experience and make joy in my day.  When I stopped worrying about what others thought, it felt like a 100 ton weight had been lifted from my shoulders, literally.  The lessons worked both ways – as I released the need to please others, however that manifested itself, I also released the need to judge others.  The need to “win” a conversation was no longer mandatory, nor was there need to forcefully make my opinion known.  I became more receptive to objectively hear what my friends and acquaintances felt and said.  I lost the need to impose my limitations, and expectations; in short, I became a better friend.

Taking that concept a step further, the book taught me to think about my words before I responded to a friend.  By thinking how my spoken words would make a friend feel, I learned to edit my thoughts before speaking and to package spoken words in positivity.  My grandmother often said, “a flip of the lip can sink a ship.”  Editing my words before speaking made me very aware of their power.  And also that sometimes people just want to talk, and don’t often need someone to respond back.

A 2nd standout chapter for me was The Law of Giving.  I had never thought of life as a flow of energy, that giving and receiving weren’t meant to be separate concepts. The more you clench tight onto something, the flow of energy is squelched , and there’s little process to be able to receive.  Think about this if you are in a rut.  Mr. Chopra says, “…if you want joy, give joy to others; if you want love, learn to give love…” and so on.  The more you give, the more you will receive, and visa versa.  Energy flow is a law of the universe.

Despite reading it over, and over again, one chapter I had much difficulty understanding was The Law of Intent.  Since then I discovered Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention which shed much light and further evaluated an amazing concept of being able to co-create your own world.**

I am a much improved individual, but am by no means perfect. I often wonder if practicing these principles have made me too passive.  Maybe, however when I think of the negative emotions I now rarely experience such as fear, apprehension, anxiety,  worry, jealousy, and panic to name a few, I’m ok with it.

When I do feel those negative emotions wallowing around, or I respond without thought to my cherished friends and family, I pull the book out and start the practice over again.  I really never tire of the lessons.  For someone who likes variety, that is extraordinary.  Thank you Mr. Chopra.

**Author’s note:  I’ve found that once one becomes open and receptive to some principles, others present themselves.  Have you ever heard of wave particle theory – quantum scientists have created experiments which found light photons act one way when observed, and another way when not observed.  What’s the inference?  To make a long story short,  they have theorized that there is very real potential  that words spoken/thought can create a reality.  Phenomenal right?!  (I’m not educated enough to present an articulate dialogue – if this topic interests you, here’s a few sites which explains the theory in depth: and ).

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Be Well!

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