Shoes perform a basic function – they shelter and protect the feet.  I have a closet full of functional shoes and others designed for pure aesthetic.  Most of them have a place on or hanging from a shelf, some are in boxes, other odd-shaped ones are thrown into the general area.  Some of my shoes serve more time than others, happily I hope.  After the closet lights are turned out, and the door is shut do they pillow talk?  Do they have discussions on where they have been, what they did, who they saw?  Do they have a hierarchy of status among themselves based on time worn or age? 

 Seriously though, what metaphorical shoes am I going to need for shelter and protection during the upcoming career transition and  life path changes?

Ostrich boa feather slippers – for when I need to delicately tip toe around issues

Floral thongs – for when I want to channel creativity

Sturdy flat spinster tie-ups – for when I need support and solid landings

Boots – for when I need to stomp something or someone, for thorough self-protection

Stiletto platforms pumps – for walking high above the bull and mire

Fitness – for steadfast control, stamina, and guidance

Sandals – for keeping cool in hot situations

 As other needs come along, I’m sure I’ll find a “shoe” to fit the situation– what shoes have been useful for you?

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9 thoughts on “WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES

  1. I have over a hundred pairs of shoes and still counting. Each pair exemplifies my moods, my thoughts, my journeys through life. Owning all those shoes is like having my own fan club. They are loyal companions that transport me to whereever I need to go and transform me into whomever I chose to be…for that moment. Today I am an administrative diva. Tonight I will become a walking new balance queen.

  2. I love both of your interpretations of shoes. I too love shoes and although I can’t boast quite 100 pair yet, I’m getting there. While I do adore my shoes, I also luv the feeling of the earth under my feet when I’m tired, feeling a little bogged down and not quite in touch off come the shoes. Feeling the grass, the dirt and yes, even the bare floors on my feet brings me back to the wonder of everything. After watching my granddaughter just learning how to walk, rub her toes on the concrete step, rub her feet over the grass and anything else she could feel with her feet I came to remember how good and free it feels sometimes to go barefoot, returning to the earth. Make sense?

  3. troadus2 – Definitely makes sense. I’m wondering what it would feel like to let your whole body go bare in nature…lol

  4. After an entire week of being 50 I’ve given that more thought than I ever have before. After all the fewer pieces of clothing the better. Can’t quite bring myself to do it yet, but if I ever got an offer to do a calendar like those women did in England a few years ago I would very seriously give it some thought. 🙂

  5. Shoes, shoes, shoes….

    I have many pairs of shoes and I must admit that they have all been disrespected: they have been divided, secluded, neglected, crushed, squeezed, boxed, unworn and overall mistreated. My super sexy, gold, bejeweled, strappy sling backs, which were a gift from my sister who has been attempting to spice up my life and my feet, still have the tag and and continue reside in their original container. I took them out the other day and slid them on my feet; I dreamed of actually being able to walk in them. Oh well…I should reconsider my treatment of my prized shoes.

  6. I am glad that your sister has helped you move past only buying multi functional shoes, lol, but Shame sur toi. You should give your neglected gold slings a treat – pull them out, slide them on, and wear them around the house when you’re sipping gourmet coffee and savoring bon bons. Wear them while you watch The View – they would like that I’m sure, and it might make you feel pretty special too.

  7. Trodus2 – you could always start that calendar in your own community 😉

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