Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! Make Your Website Welcoming To A Global Market


Thanks to the Internet, the world is at your fingertips. You have the ability to access websites from any part of the world, and you can find out any information with the click of a button.

The same goes for your target audience. If you have a website, this website can be accessed by people all over the world, and if you truly want to tap into a global market, it’s important that you make your site welcoming to people all over the world. The following are a few tactics you can implement to make your site more attractive to a global market.

Choose your colors wisely.

The color scheme is something that most websites tend to overlook when it comes to making their site more globally accessible, but it’s actually extremely important. Certain colors represent certain things in different types of the world, and if you choose the wrong color, you could end up offending people in foreign countries or associating your site with something negative. For example, the color green may represent money or environmental issues in the United States, but they are associated with greed and unfaithfulness in other countries. This is why it’s very important for you to ensure you’re choosing a color scheme that is pleasant for all countries in order to make your website global friendly.

Create a global shopping cart.

If you sell items on your website, it’s important to make your shopping cart global friendly. Create a shopping cart that allows your users to choose their form of currency, and enable your shopping cart to automatically make the conversions for your audience. If your users are forced to try and convert from their form of currency to yours, it could deter them from wanting to use your site, or it could result in a plethora of over or under payments.

Make sure your website is optimized for speed.

The loading time of your website is extremely important when it comes to making your site global friendly. If your website takes too long to load, you are going to lose your audience. Website users will not stick around to wait for a website with a long loading time, so be sure to test your site on multiple browsers and optimize it for speed.

Be mindful of legal regulations.

If you are selling items on your website, you will need to be mindful of regulations in other countries. Some countries have certain laws regarding certain import and export sales, so it’s extremely important that you’re not only knowledgeable on these regulations, but that you also post these regulations on your website for your audience.

Translate your content.

If you truly want to reach a global audience, you need to translate your website content. Don’t force your audience to try and read and understand your site in your native language. By providing authentic translations of your website, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience more successfully.

When it comes to translating your website, it’s important that you use a professional translation service to ensure accuracy. Trying to use a translation tool like Google Translate will not result in an authentic translation, and placing this type of translation on your website can result in confusing content.

Use a language drop down menu.

Sometimes websites will create different URLs for their websites with different translations, and this is not smart. In order to create uniformity and online branding, it’s important that you keep the same URL. Instead of creating different URLs for different languages, opt for a drop down menu instead. This way, when users arrive on your landing page, they’ll be able to choose which language they want to use to access your site and then be taken to that specific translation. This will improve your online branding significantly and improve your global reach.

Andrea Butler is a freelance writer, translator and transcription professional and a mommy blogger who is passionate about helping the world to communicate when language is a barrier.

Featured image: Teresa Stewart


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