I am so excited!  I just attended a webinar hosted by Google to provide information about Google AdSense Optimisation.  It must have been a presentation from Europe as we spell optimization with a “z.”  This presentation provided information about placement and formatting a Google search box for your website.  I mentioned in a previous post that I had thought up a niche, and was developing the design of the website.  Is it sexy?  Not so much.  Is it an everyday need?  Most definitely.  I announce to you www.DewDropShop.com – a source to find low price tampons and feminine hygiene products.   Right now I’m offering tampon ads (including organic products) but will expand to carry sanitary pad products, holders, and possibly other protection products. 

Why feminine hygiene protection?  Being a buyer by trade, the skill to choose a product by quality/cost/delivery leaks across to every aspect of my personal purchases.  I have always felt passionate about finding a tampon brand that didn’t charge an arm and leg, and worked efficiently.  After all, we buy tampons and other sanitary products for about thirty years yea?  Let’s do the math– average 5 tampons a day for 5 days, x 12 months; that’s about 300 a year.  300 x 30 years = 9,000 tampons average in a lifetime.  That’s guaranteed repeat buys! and a whole lotta cheese going to the manufacturers and supply chain.  And that is just tampons!  Most women probably also use a panty liner or pad to catch the overflow.  To that end, I’ve been buying Kotex for years because of the price, absorbency and ease of use with the plastic applicator.  Thanks to on-line advertising, I’m able to research and find advertisers which offer lower pricing, rebates, coupons, free shipping.  To save $$$, we may need to re-think our mindset of buying j.i.t. (just in time) and move the shampoo aside to stock this valuable product.

Now how to monetize www.DewDropShop.com ?  I applied last week to Google AdSense to allow me to use their search box and content boxes on my niche website – they approved me yea!  I also applied to Amazon, Commission Junction, Google Affiliates, and Just Host.  Once their ads are placed on your website, there is a system to pay commissions when the viewer clicks on the ad or search box (pay per click) or  clicks thru to the advertiser’s site, and makes a purchase within so many hours or days. I’ve placed a few ads, but will need many more to make the site attractive to a wide variety of visitors.  After that is completed I will need to initiate a marketing campaign to expose the site. 

 Until then…

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