Wysteria’s Revenge


This story takes place in a modern world where humans and vampyres co-exist. Newly created vamps are often left without sires to teach them vampyre etiquette. They are left to their own design, so naughtiness prevails. Wysteria Davis has been victimized by her vampyre ex-boyfriend. The law can’t control him, so she decides to exact her own brand of justice. Her fix is so successful so she and her bff develop a business to punish other wayward vampyres. Business is booming but will chasing revenge for herself and others lead to their liberation, or lead her to become fodder for the undead?

Editor Review of Wysteria's Revenge ebook

Editor Review of Wysteria’s Revenge ebook

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Thanks so much for stopping by. This story was developed over a period of two years– originally as a short story, but the story insisted on growing, and adding characters. So this is a story that has been co-created if you will. I bowed to my characters so now we introduce it as a novelette. It’s been suggested that I make it a full length book, or a mini-series. Contingent on your feedback, I may do one or the other.

For a short time(8/1/13 – 8/15/13)  I’ll be able to offer a Kindle version of  Wysteria’s Revenge for free!  All I ask is that you leave a brief (or long) review of it on this page and on Amazon.  Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Wysteria’s Revenge

  1. I love this book! Very creative and a true page turner… can’t wait to see what’s next to come.

  2. Good read! Funny and witty. I would like to see another book with new characters.

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